Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Advent Reading Day 16

advent reading day 16
scripture reading: a little servant girl and the proud general: the little slave girl and Naaman, from 2 Kings 5
symbol: a beautiful heart, cured from the leprosy of sin


praying for matt chandler and his church, the village church, today. he recently suffered a seizure, which led to the discovery of a brain tumor. it was partially removed and has been found to be malignant.

i met matt in college when he led a HUGE weekly college bible study. he is quite a gifted communicator and passionate about the Lord.

he is a young guy with a wife and 3 small children. he's the same age as my husband, and i cannot help but wonder what my faith would be like in this situation.

there are oodles and oodles of people praying for him but i still felt the longing to ask you to pray for this family too. and hug your husband before bed tonight too.

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