Tuesday, December 29, 2009

airplanes, vacuums, snow and the wii

this past week was the first time for the boys to ride in an airplane. well, burrito rode in one at 5 months but of course has no memory of that time. but he's quick to tell you that this was not his first time and quicker to point out that this was noodle's first time, as if riding an airplane more times makes you more famous or something. boys can be so competitive!

burrito is such a people watcher and the airplane ride was no exception. i packed all sorts of fun things to do while we are on the plane but he was not the least bit interested. the people and the sprite he received from the flight attendant apparently are way more interesting!

noodle sat next to me and had his leapster to play but instead asked me one million and one questions instead. i failed to have much patience for these questions in my dramamine-induced state. i am not much of a traveler!
the flight there was uneventful, but the flight back home was delayed at the gate, delayed on the runway due to the need to de-ice the plane and right in the middle of dinner time. not a good combination. but we survived and are glad to be back home.
part of the glory of being home on christmas break is sitting in bed, drinking coffee and watching good morning america. i love being able to do that. and today was no exception. and i was pleased as punch to see my favorite vacuum featured on one of their segments. it was a consumer reports piece about some of the best products on the market for the new year and our vacuum received the best marks! it was redemptive for me to see my research paid off. not only do i LOVE my new vacuum, apparently so does consumer reports!
it's snowing outside right now. the third time in a month in our part of texas. highly unusual! we just love it but 3 out of 4 of us have scratchy throats and runny noses (i think complements of the aforementioned airplane ride) so we are loving it from the warmth of the inside of our home.
i received a wii for christmas (i know, we are so behind!) and we are loving it! it has been so fun to do as a family, and john and i have had fun bowling against each other after the boys go to bed. we all bowled together as a family the other night and burrito smoked us! he threw 4 strikes in a row. we couldn't believe it and he was so humble of course! ha!
hope you and yours had a great christmas. check back soon for our new year's resolutions!

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Jason and Kyla said...

I'm so glad y'all are back and had a good trip and am repenting of my envy of your Wii. :)