Thursday, December 3, 2009

Advent Reading Day 3

advent reading day 3
scripture reading: a new beginning, genesis 6-9*
symbol: an ark or rainbow, a sign of God's promise that He will not destroy the earth with water again

*we are using the jesus storybook bible by sally lloyd jones for our kid-friendly readings.

if you don't have kids or want a more grown-up version for advent reading, check out edie's blog today. her blog is stinkin' awesome, and she always has something fabulous to say. there's acutally an app for advent reading (of course, there's an app for everything!) for those of you who are i-phone saavy!


and in rutherford news:

the boys have been saying some really funny things lately and i've been way behind on recording them here on the blog. shame on me! but here are a few i can remember:

on thanksgiving: the football game is on in the living room and the adults are still sitting at the dining room table. burrito walks in and asks, "dad, who do you want to win this game? the lions or the G's?" "the G's" translates into the green bay packers but their helmets just have the letter G on them. he could figure out the lions by the lion on their helmets but not the packers. isn't that hysterical?!?!? we couldn't help but laugh!

it's so funny to me how the boys always want to know who john wants to win the game because that is usually the team they want to cheer for too. isn't that sweet? however, we've also noticed that they want to cheer for whatever team is winning, even if it changes throughout the game! gotta love that competitiveness!


another story: yesterday burrito finished eating his lunchable that included skittles (i buy them one lunchable a week because lunchables apparently are quite a big deal to 5 and 4 year olds...i had NO idea! and since he's been home sick this week, he ate it at home). anyways, he was up from the table and running around when i noticed a huge wad of something in his mouth. this is how the conversation went:

me: burrito, what in the world is in your mouth?

burrito: skittles.

me: how many skittles?
burrito: 14!
now how do you not laugh at that! why would anyone want to shove fourteen skittles into their mouth at one time? i'll tell you why he did. because he was ready to get up from the table because noodle was already done with his lunch. remember, competition! oh brother! and it cracked me up even more that he knew exactly how many he had shoved in his mouth!
and not to leave noodle out: the symbol for the advent tree today is noah's ark. our little ornament has 2 little people standing on the ark. noodle was examining it rather closely and asked me, in all seriousness, "why are there two gods on that boat?"
i replied, "honey, that's not two gods. remember, who did God tell to build an ark?"
and of course his blondness shone through, and he could not remember that it was noah, and then he couldn't understand why noah's wife didn't have a name. not that she didn't have a name, just that the bible does not tell us what her name is. now how do you explain that one to little blondie? and we've only read the story of noah and the ark 15 bajillion times so i have no idea why he could not remember that. he must have inherited my memory issues.
but that's a whole other story. they are saying we might have some snow flurries in the morning again. burrito is clear to return to school tomorrow and they have an outdoor field trip planned. should be interesting!
happy thursday!

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Anonymous said...

ours had a little book of Noah's Ark and there was a picture of Noah's wife...he would point to Noah and say it was Noah and he would point to Noah's wife and say Mrs. Noah :) It worked for me!

Like the Noah's Ark Ornament....I did a cloud and drew rain drops on it for the flood.