Thursday, December 24, 2009

Advent Reading Day 24

advent reading day 24
scripture reading: the King of all kings: the story of the three wise men, from matthew 2*
symbol: the three wise men and the star

*we are using the jesus storybook bible by sally lloyd-jones for our kid-friendly readings


this past sunday night marked a milestone in the rutherford family. our boys were able to participate in their first church choir performance for our lessons and carols service. this service has been a favorite of mine for years. it is full of Scripture and songs foretelling the coming of Jesus. they sang this sweet, sweet song called "the friendly beasts" which is a song sung from the perspective of the animals in the manger. the boys chose to be donkeys. quite fitting, if i do say so myself! aren't they the cutest donkeys you've ever seen?

this was the "dress rehearsal." there were also cows, sheep, and doves.

and here is the actual performance. i was so proud that they sang and didn't get stage fright!

and to switch gears a bit...
we LOVE going to this coffee shop with the boys. i love home-grown coffee shops, as opposed to big chain coffee shops. unfortunately many don't survive, but this one has and we just love it, especially on cold, wintery days.

it is in this cute little downtown area of town. check out the christmas tree right in the middle of the street.

burrito loves hot chocolate and was proud to drink it out of a "real" glass!

seeing as how noodle only drinks water (no exaggeration here!), the draw for him is the games.

and taking pictures of me and john with our coffee drinks!

and just when i think i have my children figured out, they never cease to surprise me! have you seen these little bungy jumping areas in the malls lately? burrito insisted that he wanted to do it, but i was convinced he would chicken out in the end. boy was i wrong! he loved it and made me so proud (again!).

noodle was not interested at all in doing the bungy thing but jumped (no pun intended!) at the chance to ride this two-story carousel. he chose the sea horse and burrito chose the tiger. i chose to stay off. i don't do well with things that move in circles!

and this is how we like to spend our Christmas break! how about you?

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