Wednesday, October 21, 2009

back in business

i'm back in business and it feels good.

this time last year john noticed an ad in a local baby magazine advertising a need for stay-at-home moms or retired women to handwrite mailouts for non-profit organizations. the two requirements were good handwriting and the ability to pick up and drop off the mailouts from their place of business...which just happened to be down the street from our house!

it is a great job and paid for our christmas last year. but i hadn't heard from them since january so i assumed with the downturn in the economy, this little business had not survived.

was i surprised to receive a phone call this weekend from them wanting to know if i was interested in doing this job again!

this first job is relatively easy -- a mailout of 500 due back in 2 weeks. last christmas, during their busiest time of the year, i was doing 500 in 4 days! it takes more time than you would think to stamp all these little envelopes, handwrite a personal message, and address and stamp the outside envelope.

and the time has now come for me to do just that.



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that sounds like the perfect job for you!!! hope it pays for xmas again!