Tuesday, October 20, 2009

sports for shorties

this past friday was noodle's last sports for shorties class. don't you love that name? so funny. at this last class parents were encouraged to come in and participate. fun, fun.

seriously though, it was fun for me to see noodle in competition mode. he is such a sports lover, and i think quite talented. really. i'm not just saying that because i'm his mother either. he's scrappy like his dad and can throw the ball. and he's a leftie so we're hoping that will make us some money one day! ;)

they did a sampler of several sports over the 8 week class including soccer, football, volleyball, baseball, kickball and basketball. it was great exercise and activity for him, and he loved it!
check out his form for kicking that soccer ball!
here he is trying his hand (or should i say foot) at kickball. and i would like to add, he kicked all 3 shots!

throwing a football....seriously check out his arm. he can really launch one of these things. and the teacher, mrs. adrien, did a great job of talking to the kids about using your whole leg or whole arm when kicking and throwing.

now these are little nerf footballs with what looks like a dart on the end. maybe it helps them fly further, i don't know. but check out this picture. noodle is clearly the shortest and smallest of the class, but he was throwing his football way further than anyone else.

he takes his sports very seriously. as did his dad. and as does his mom sitting in the bleachers.

noodle, i was so proud of your skills and great effort in this class. you were great at sports for shorties!

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