Sunday, October 25, 2009

Noodle's Spiderman Party

i love doing birthday parties for my boys. and i always let them choose the theme. so it is particularly funny to me when they choose a theme that they know nothing about. case in point: spiderman. neither one of my boys have seen a spiderman movie nor have they really watched a spiderman cartoon. yet, this is what noodle wanted for his birthday party. so funny!

so spiderman we did. and we went easy and low maintenance this year. we held the party at a park just down the street from our school. it is a beautiful and clean park with all the necessary elements: a lovely covered pavilion, restrooms, water fountains, and playground equipment, of course!
and i always pride myself on the cake each year but when we saw this at walmart for a steal of a price, i knew i couldn't do better!

but because noodle is not a fan of cakes or cupcakes, but a lover of cookies, we thought this might be a good option. and i still had the opportunity to decorate with icing!

we invited all of noodle's friends from his bible study class on wednesday so it was another time of super sweet fellowship with our friends from church and their parents.

the pinata was a hit and worked out perfectly. all the kids had a chance to pull a string and when it got back to noodle's turn, he pulled the string that released all the candy! and i had extra candy for those too timid for the onslaught of candy grabbing!

it was beautiful weather which was a little bit of a concern with all the rain lately.

in fact, the kids had so much fun that we saved present opening for when we got back home so that they could continue playing on the playground.

all in all, it was a perfect spidey party with great friends! thanks to all who celebrated with us, family and friends!