Thursday, October 8, 2009

preschool days

don't you just love that ridiculous face??? despite the fake smile, noodle was quite excited about going to preschool and wearing a backpack and getting to experience a slice of what his older brother does every day.

i taught preschool a few years ago when the boys were 3 and 1 so noodle doesn't have much memory of it. and that's probably a good thing since most of those days began with a lot of crying and clinging to mommy.

oh what a difference a few years make! i am now subbing when needed at that same preschool and noodle just loves it! the day i actually taught in his class, the bible story was saul's encounter with Christ on the damascus road when he lost his sight. to emphasize the story, we made these eyes out of cookies and fruit. so fun! (for some reason, i couldn't get the picture to flip right)

today was another day at preschool and he loved seeing his buddies again. and i love seeing my boys so happy.

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