Monday, October 19, 2009

an october weekend

my favorite weekends this time of year are sunny but cool, full of football and with family. this past weekend was one of those weekends. it seems to have finally stopped raining, a particularly good thing since friday night was our annual school picnic and football game.

the boys had fun with bounce houses, cake walks and face painting. they are a bit famous because all of john's students just love them to death. we cannot walk 10 feet without someone yelling out their names!

saturday was filled with house projects and college football. our clothes dryer has been making a squeeky sound for months now and finally quit working thursday night. so with a little research on the internet, i was able to diagnose the problem, locate the necessary parts and get instructions on how to fix it. john and i completely disassembled the dryer, replace the belt and idler pulley and put it all back together again with success! it is running perfectly, and i think it is even quieter now!

and what's a weekend without a painting project? everyone who knows me makes fun of how often i am painting and repainting a room. and i've been itching to repaint our bedroom. it was a dark brown when we moved in, which was fine for a time, but ended up being a bit too dark for my tastes. so i thought a nice warm yellow would brighten up the space. and brighten it did! too bright and as john grew to like it more, i grew to hate it more. so a few weeks back we finally decided on behr's harbor mist and i absolutely love it! john thinks it looks a little too baby blue. what do you think?

and after busting out that painting project we headed up to my sister's and brother-in-law's house to visit with them and love on my new nephew. he is precious and john couldn't understand why i wouldn't share!

sunday was full of church and fellowship. i am still trying to digest this: my solace (peace) should come from Christ and not from a change in my circumstances. so good, yet i am terrible at resting in the peace that is Christ.

so that's our weekend wrap-up. what are you doing to enjoy this fall weather?

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