Monday, October 26, 2009

cougar vs. cougar bball

john had an opportunity to play in a basketball game at school on friday. it was coaches vs. players to kick off the basketball season. john is not a coach but i think based on his performance in donkey basketball last year, they knew he would want to play! even though it was noodle's birthday that day, we knew he would love watching dad play basketball. we are a very competitive family and had fun cheering on daddy.

of course, it was a little confusing as to what to cheer. everyone was a cougar! i think we decided on big cougars vs. little cougars but the boys chose to yell, "go johnny!" it was super fun and the game ended in a tie so everyone was happy.

john had a great time and did not even get injured! hooray! i love being connected to a school and always having a team to cheer on. it was really fun! go cougars, big and small!

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