Monday, October 12, 2009

what a day!

it began with a parent/teacher conference at 8am: burrito's teacher had nothing but wonderful things to say. thank you jesus.

then to the mundane chores of monday: grocery shopping, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, entertaining children.

a surprise email: john passed his comprehensives! surprised to have received the results so quickly, not surprised that he passed!

and tonight: a date out with my husband and bono! we're headed to the U2 concert. along with 50 jillion other people. should be interesting.

what a day indeed...


Emily said...

Congrats! A celebration is in order!

Colored With Memories said...


i'm so jealous re: U2. the last time we saw them was on jerry's 21st b'day...just a FEW years ago!

Jacquelyn said...

Give my congratulations to John.