Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Noodle!

i simply cannot believe that my noodle is 4 years old today (he is holding up 4 fingers in the picture, though one is a little bent!). it seems just like yesterday that you shot into this world faster than my epidural could work. we were a little worried about having 2 boys just 18 months apart, but it has been a huge blessing! you and burrito are the best of friends, and i love it.

noodle, though you will always be my baby, you have already grown up into such a great little guy! you are quite the sports buff and could play basketball all day long if only i had the stamina for that! you love books, and it makes our hearts so happy to see you "read" in the car, in your room, or at the library. you are very smart and are determined to keep up with your big brother. where once you clung to my leg, you are now not afraid to meet and make new friends. you love jesus, and you love to sing songs to him in the car. you amaze us with your love for cartoons and games on the ipod. we call you the "game nazi" because you always want to play a game, and you always win! you are true to your hair color and have many "blonde moments" which always keep us laughing. you are notorious for falling and hitting your much so that we've been tempted to change your name from "noodle" to "knothead!" you love to snuggle with mommy and wrestle with daddy.

noodle we love you so much and celebrate with you on your special day!

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