Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the U2 experience

so i must admit i wasn't overly excited about going to the U2 concert last night. there, i said it. don't hate me. it's just that it takes a lot of work securing a babysitter, preparing the house and kids for a babysitter, driving, finding a parking place among the throngs of people, walking a half mile to the stadium, being smushed in with throngs of beer-drinking people, etc. call me an old woman, but that just doesn't sound all that fun to me. maybe when i was younger.
but i love my husband, and he loves U2, and so i went. and honestly, it was way, way better than what i anticipated. we had a fabulous babysitter (thanks chrystal!), traffic was not bad, parking was a breeze, and i tried to overlook the throngs of people.
(now if i can just get john to wear a hoodie like the edge)

all throughout the concert and even now as i type, i've been trying to formulate a way to describe the U2 experience. bono is a master at what he does. he is a believer and i think he draws people to belief without them even knowing it. it's quite interesting, mysterious and admirable all at the same time. his lyrics are a case in point. if you're a believer then you will recognize the spirituality of his songs. if you're not, you may get it or you may miss it. either way, everyone loves it.

(i thought this pic was so cool with the edge on the screen and then spotlighted below)
bono is a great humanitarian. i don't think anyone would argue that. i appreciated his continued effort to name the injustices in the world and to charge all of us to do something. i thought it was interesting that he thanked former president george w. bush for the work he did to send medicine to the millions of children dying from aids in africa. he did not mention current president obama. and that's all i'll say about that.
he led the entire stadium in amazing grace. amazing.

he spoke of political prisoner aung san suu kyi of burma and the house arrest she has been under for 14 years as a result of her peaceful pro-democracy leadership. this is a pic of her on the screen and then people from the audience on stage with masks of the burmese people.

and of course, he entertained.

he asked what the audience thought of the spaceship stage with which they were touring. then he made a comment about the cowboys spaceship we were in...a remarkable structure. as was bono's stage. (i like bono's spaceship more)

and let me just say i like bono's video screen way more than jerry's huge screen for the games. i mean, bono's screen moves and morphs into different shapes! jerry's monitor just sits there! :)

my thanks to you bono, the edge, larry and adam for an amazing show. i would almost call it a spiritual experience. you far exceeded my expectations. and thank you jesus for giving us something to sing about.
get on your boots
mysterious ways
still haven't found what i'm looking for
stuck in a moment
no line on the horizon
until the end of the world
unforgettable fire
city of blinding lights
i'll go crazy remix
sunday bloody sunday
walk on
where the streets have no name
with or without you
moment of surrender


Louanne said...

Great post that covered all the aspects. I have mentioned to many people about him thanks President George W. for "saving countless African lives". I believe it's going to be the mans legacy that he cared for so many dying people that the world just overlooks because they are poor or whatever. But I digress since it's a passionate subject of mine.

I could have done without the dudes with the joints in front of us, but eventually the crowd smooshed us in another direction.

I am officially too old to have been on the field with no seat jammed in with all those people. But it was FUN!!!! I am just feeling beat up today.

Colored With Memories said...

awesome! i'm so glad you recounted it like this...i sort of feel like i was there with you!

now i'm even MORE jealous!